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Rust Colored Stains? Could be Metal in Your Pool

Have you recently started noticing rust-colored stains in your pool? There’s no denying that this is a concerning site for any pool owner and is likely to make you immediately call Good Boy Pool Services today. Rust-colored stains could mean that there is metal present in your pool, so keep reading to discover how to react when you find this issue in your pool.

What Type of Metal is Found In Pools?

We often don’t realize that metal is present in our swimming pool until we see the first sign of it. If you’ve just noticed a rust-colored stain recently, you might be wondering what type of metal this is. Quite often, the stain first occurs when chlorine is added into the pool, as they will react and create the rust color. Iron and copper are the most common metals in pools, and iron often causes the rust-colored stains we’ve discussed so far. Copper is more likely to make your water look green, but it’s still just as concerning to see in a pool.

Why Do Metals Get Into Swimming Pools?

You may not know that metal is present to some extent in almost any pool. The source will vary from situation to situation but could be due to your pool heater or the chemicals you add to the swimming pool. Copper often finds its way into a pool due to the copper heat exchanger in your heating system, which breaks down when the chemicals aren’t fully balanced. Algaecide usually contains copper as well, as it helps to get rid of the algae you are looking to treat. In order for your pool to remain free of metals, you need to ensure the chemicals are balanced at all times. If you aren’t sure about the range of your chemicals, our Atlanta pool cleaning services will be here to advise you about this at any time.

How to Get Rid of Metals in Swimming Pools

Once you notice a rust-colored stain or another sign of metal, it’s important that you work to remove these substances from your pool as soon as possible. We recommend working with our Atlanta pool cleaning services, as we will be able to add sequestrant to the pool to remove metals. This can be added on a monthly or weekly basis, and you’ll need to repeat this procedure if you are constantly finding signs of metal in your pool. This works to prevent stains from forming, as it binds to the metals and stops the stains from developing. The sooner you start this process, the more likely you will be to have long-term issues with your swimming pool. Metal is something we all need to avoid in our swimming pools, so make sure you are keeping an eye out for the signs we mentioned above whenever your pool is in use.

Are you concerned about the presence of metal in your swimming pool? If so, contact our team at Good Boy Pools today. Our professional Atlanta Pool Cleaning Services will be happy to diagnose the issue and find the right solution to keep your pool in top condition this year.