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As a pool owner, you might be wondering how often you need to perform maintenance on your swimming pool. If you are currently only doing this task every few weeks, it’s time to up your game and start weekly maintenance. This will help to avoid bacteria from growing in the pool as well as potential bills for hundreds or thousands of dollars when you need to work with Good Boy Pool Services in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations for weekly pool maintenance and why this is such an important task.

Water Levels and Water Chemistry

The first step for your weekly pool maintenance is checking the water levels and water chemistry. These are both critical in making your swimming pool usable throughout the year and ensuring the water is safe and clean for your use. Once you’ve recorded the chemical levels, write these down and keep them in a safe place to refer to in the future. From there, you’ll add the chemicals as needed to get your pool back to the optimum condition for the weeks ahead. Check the filter pressure at the same time as well so that you know the readings are correct for your pool. Good Boy Pools experts always keep track of your levels to ensure the perfect pool.

Empty Baskets and Remove Leaves

Your pool’s skimmer basket is the first place to remove debris from your pool. When you don’t empty it often enough, you’ll put extra strain on the pump, which might reduce its life span. When your skimmer basket is full of debris, you’ll find that water flow is reduced, and the filtration isn’t as effective. The baskets will also contain phosphates when they are full of leaves, which impact the chemical balance of your pool and require additional treatment. If you do find yourself with this issue, make sure you contact our Atlanta pool cleaning services to quickly resolve this problem.

At the same time as the skimmer basket, empty the pool pump basket and automatic pool cleaner debris bag as well. You’ll also want to take a net to the surface of the pool and remove any leaves that are currently floating around. This will make emptying the baskets easier next week when you perform your weekly maintenance and ensure your pool is ready for your friends and family to enjoy this weekend.

Sweep Around the Pool

The final step of your weekly maintenance revolves around the exterior of your pool. Give the sides of the pool a good sweep, and then focus on the stairs and benches. This will make your pool look much more attractive and minimize the chance of an accident due to slippery surfaces or debris on the ground.

By performing weekly maintenance, you’ll notice that your pool remains in top condition for longer. If you do find you need any assistance with the above tasks or looking after your pool, contact our team today to discuss your weekly maintenance concerns. Good Boy Pools will be happy to help you with maintaining your pool each week and ensuring it remains in perfect condition for many years.